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Jsteg is a package for hiding data inside JPEG files with a technique known as steganography. This is accomplished by copying each bit of the data into the least-significant bits (LSB) of the image. The amount of data that can be hidden depends on the file size of the jpeg; it takes about 10-14 bytes of jpeg to store each byte of the hidden data.


$ sudo wget -O /usr/bin/jsteg
$ sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/jsteg
$ sudo wget -O /usr/bin/slink
$ chmod +x /usr/bin/slink


Jsteg tool can be initialised by typing the following command.

$ jsteg

Image can't be displayed. Just try typing the above command.

Hiding data

Now, let's hide some data using jsteg. Consider this image of Itachi.

Sorry, the image can't be displayed.

Let the name of the file to be embedded be 'jsteg.txt'.

The file to be embedded contains the following data.

Jsteg is used for JPEG steganography.

Commands to embed a file in the JPEG image is as follows.

$ jsteg hide <in.jpg> <secret file name> <out.jpg>

Sorry, image can't be displayed.

Now, the image looks like this.

Sorry, image can't be displayed.

Revealing data

The syntax for revealing data is as follows.

$ jsteg reveal <in.jpg> <output file name>

Sorry, the image can't be displayed.


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