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What is steganography?

Steganography is an amazing art of hiding data inside images, videos etc. The advantage that steganography has over cryptography is that the hidden data does not attract serious attention. However, when someone sees a cryptographic data, they'll immediately recognize that this data is encrypted. Though the extraction of the hidden message is difficult in cryptography, steganographic data looks less malicious!!

Why is steganography used?

Let us consider that a person "A" is sending something secret to person "B". Let us consider that the agent who is going to transfer this secret is "C". If "A" uses some kind of cryptographic techniques, "C" will definitely notice that some sort of a secret message is getting transferred and he'll try all possible way to decrypt it. So "A" has to use some technique so that "C" won't bother into examining the hidden message. This is why steganography is used. The message which is to be transferred will definitely look less malicious.

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