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Deep Sound

Deep Sound is a steganography tool and audio converter that hides the information in audio files or audio/CD tracks. It is a windows tool. It allows us to extract the secret hiding data from the audio files or CD tracks. DeepSound also support encrypting secret files using AES-256(Advanced Encryption Standard) to improve data protection.


This tool can be installed from it's official site.


On opening the Deep Sound after downloading it in Windows it looks something similar to this,

There you can see Open Carrier Files option, click on it and choose a music file(of any type like wav, mp3, etc) which you are choosing to embed secret files in it. Then click on Add Secret Files option next to it. And choose the embedding file. Then click Encode Secret Files option. then you will see a window something similar to this,

You can encode the secret file using a password also, by clicking the tick mark, you will be able to see the password choosing option.

and choose the password with which you are going to encrypt the file. After click Encode Secret Files option in the bottom, then it will save the encoded file in the output directory mentioned which you have mentioned.


Here's an example of encoding a secret file into an audio file,

Choose an audio file which you needed to embed a file.

Choose the embedding file which you needed to embed it in the audio file.

Click on the Encode secret files option and choose the output format.

Then it will give an another file in the format you specified.

Here's am example of decoding the secret file from the audio file,

In the above picture you can see a file(1(1).wav) in Carrier audio files and in secret file name you can the embedded file and click the Extract secret files option, then it will decode the file present in that audio into an another file.

By going to the directory mentioned in the Information window you will get the embedded file in the audio.


For further information, visit the documentation.