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It is a tool used mainly for searching embedded files and executable code within another data file.


$ sudo apt install binwalk


$ binwalk -e <file-name>

binwalk output

Here in the above image, we see that there is a 'jpg image' that has a compressed 'images' in it and we see that it is, it is embedded within the jpg image file. To extract it we can make use of a carving tool dd. It can carve out data from specific offsets that are passed as arguments to the tool along the with the file that needs to be read. Give the following command:

$ dd if=deeper.jpg of=image1.jpg bs=1 skip=202
Where at if= the file from which data has to be extracted is passed as an argument and of= has the name of the file that we give after extraction. skip= is the offset of the file that has to be read and bs= i the byte skip argument that specifies the frequency of reading data from the given file.


For more information about the tool,

$ man binwalk