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Cybersecurity begins with hardware.

All the world's computers, phones, electronic devices and other infrastructures are basically just silicon: integrated chips, printed circuit boards and other electronic circuits.

With the semiconductor revolution, these devices have become a synonym for comfort in these modern times. The world started to harness the power of digital technology to emphasize today and tomorrow with these hardware at their kernels.

Soon surfaced a new type of cyber attacks: attacks that target the physical layer of devices. Thus emerged a new set of attack vectors like side-channel attacks, Trojan attacks, PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) tampering and much more.

Clearly, the impact of successful hardware attacks are colossal.


Hardware security deals with the attacks that come from the physical device rather than the software the system runs. It revolves around exploring about security that starts right from the circuit board to making tools and devices to make trusted, dependable and secure hardware.

Hardware security is mainly branched out into the following fields: