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Embedded Systems

Electronic Embedded systems are devices designed for a specific task with real time constraints within a larger mechanical or electronic system. Majority of these embedded systems are designed with a microcontrollers. Microcontrollers form an integral part for learning about embedded systems and often is required to learn various aspects of hardware design and security. To begin learning about embedded systems it is considered to through the below listed microcontrollers. Some of the hobbyist microcontrollers include:

  • Arduino
    Based on ATMEL AVR Based microcontroller
  • NodeMCU
    Based on Expressif Systems's ESP8266 SoC.
  • Raspberry Pi

For that, we need to look into what an SoC is.

SoCs (System On Chip)

SoCs or System On Chip is a component that integrates all components of a computer into a single chip.


  • Programming
  • Basic Electronics
  • Component Identification