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Practice Challenges

CTFs are the best way to get your hands dirty with any field of cybersecurity and the same thing applies to Memory Forensics also.

Memlabs by Abhiram Kumar - Educational CTF-styled labs for learning memory forensics hands-on.

Memlabs tries to teach the basics of using the Volatility framework.

To get you a better understand of volatility and Memory Forensics, we would suggest you follow this order in solving the labs from Memlabs.

S. No Challenge Name Lab link
1 The Evil's Den Lab 3
2 Beginner's Luck Lab 1
3 A New World Lab 2
4 Obsession Lab 4
5 Black Tuesday Lab 5
6 The Reckoning Lab 6

Sample Walkthrough on a simple CTF challenge - Never Too Late Mister from Bsides Delhi CTF 2018. You can try out this challenge by downloading the challenge file from Google Drive