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Getting started

In the field of cybersecurity, CTF is the best possible way to enter as the CTF gives you the basic idea about problems faced in cybersecurity. It consists of a lot of fun challenges from various categories like Reversing, Crypto, Binary exploitation, Web, Forensics, etc. Each CTF consists of something new to learn. So by playing CTF we learn something new every time. CTF Not only helps in building your cybersecurity skills. In a CTF there are many challenges that require different skills like programming, etc. It also points out the fact that you are a person who isproactively enhancing your skill and is committed to continuous improvement. while playing CTF you can also interact with pros and see the way they approach a problem that will help you in the future.


  • Security: Linux is less vulnerable to viruses in comparison to windows. Also, the programs in Linux cannot make changes to system settings and configurations. As most users are not given access to root they can't damage the system.
  • Stability: Linux is considered to be very stable and also it is not prone to crashes. Also, the speed of os doesn’t decrease with time. It stays as fast it was when first installed.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of a Linux os is easy compared to that of Windows as the user can update all the drivers, os, and software easily than Windows.
  • Compatibility: Linux is an os that doesn’t require high specifications for a system to run it. It can run in supercomputers, watches, etc. There are also light versions of os to run on systems with low specs.
  • Free: Linux is completely free to use and there are no extra charges for basic tools required in Linux. Also for some advanced tools users don’t have to pay.
  • Open source: Linux is an open-source software. It’s source code is available to the community. The people can make changes to the code and modify it into a better os and also use the source code as a reference for making their own OS.


If you don't have a linux system, you can install WSL for windows by following this.


  • The code is more readable and also easy to maintain when compared to some other languages.
  • Python supports a lot of programming paradigms. It also supports OOP and structured programming.
  • Compatible with Major Platforms and Systems.
  • Python has a large and robust standard library and in comparison to other programming languages. It has such a wide range of modules.
  • Since python is an Open-source language, it has a variety of open-source frameworks and tools. Users can use these frameworks, libraries, etc to build tools to reduce development time.
  • Simplify Complex Software Development.